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NC Fitness Club exists to promote body positivity and healthy, active lifestyles in the immediate and greater community. We believe in the Village approach to learning good habits and maintaining positive lifestyles, and encourage our guests and clients to think of this experience as a personal journey within a team environment.

You have been given a check in, or BARCODE number which can be found on several of your take-home documents as well as on your Champion Workout Folder in the Club. Use this 5-digit code to check into the PT Computer at the beginning of each of your scheduled sessions and classes.

NC Fitness Club utilizes and recommends a variety of nutritional and dietary supplements to promote a balanced meal plan and accelerated results. These supplements are only some of the highest-rated, FDA-approved products which have little to NO artificial ingredients and which are meant to enhance an already nutrient-dense meal plan / exercise program. For many Champions, certain supplements can help ensure a smooth transition to a more active lifestyle.

NC Fitness Club Trainers will show you how to set effective short- and long-term goals, review your progress weekly and keep a file to record your specific workouts. In addition to this, you are encouraged log onto your Meal Planning profile as well as your Club-OS profile to review your progress charts, record any injuries or significant events, upload and review before & after photos and much more!

It is possible to lose 3 pounds per week – and keep those pounds off – by carefully following the advice of your doctor, following a proper Meal Plan and incorporating a varied and vigorous workout schedule into your lifestyle. NC Fitness Club trainers have developed a proven method to lose 3 Pounds per Week, backed by Champion Testimonials and achieved through the tools we provide to help keep Champs on track.

NC Fitness Club features a collective of Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors who cater to Champions based on mutual availability and predetermined Class Schedules. Trainers typically schedule clients and guests between the hours of 5AM and 7PM, Monday through Saturday; however, all services are provided by appointment only.

NC Fitness Club is so confident in our Results Programs and our Trainers that we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee to any Champion who follows the Meal Plan, tracks their Results in the Vitabot /Club-OS softwares and follows the Results Program given by NC Fitness Club staff. If each of these steps have been taken and a Champion has not seen the results outlined in their Plan, NC Fitness Club will honor the Real Results Guarantee.

NC Fitness Club Trainers use Tanita body composition analyzers to assess each individual’s current physical state. Tanita equipment is the industry standard and allows us to make strategic recommendations based on a Champion’s body fat content, muscle mass, water percentage and much more. When paired with our personalized meal planning software, Tanita scales allow you to be completely in control of your results.

Don’t worry if you miss a session or a class. Your sessions & services are kept up with via your check-ins each time you visit the Club. Please let your trainer know as soon as something comes up if you are not able to make a scheduled session. Please remember that you are solely responsible for scheduling your sessions and consultations. We will do our best to follow up with you outside of your Results Timeline, but in order to stay on track and ahead of your goals it is crucial that you hold yourself accountable.

Research shows that it is best to take a break and allow your body to rest if you are feeling under the weather. If you are feeling feverish or nauseated, weak or anything that could be a sign of sickness, we urge you to consult with a medical professional and get cleared for exercise before your next trip to the gym. NC Fitness Club is a high-traffic environment. We ask that you be considerate of the other Champions and guests by maintaining regular check-ups and practicing public safety guidelines (i.e. washing your hands and wiping down equipment before & after use) to limit the spread of germs and bacteria.

When it comes to fitness, we want to give you as many opportunities to pursue your goals as possible. That is why we offer 5 Free Classes to Champions who leave a 5-Star Google Review on our page. In addition to our 5-Star campaign, Champs can opt into our punch-card program to earn complementary sessions or volunteer at NC Fitness Club locations and events to accrue credits toward free workouts and challenges. On top of all of that, Business Owners and Team Leaders may Earn a complementary 3 MONTHS of 1-on-1 personal training when they refer their office or small business to the NC Fitness Club VIP Program. There is more than enough Results to go around!

Absolutely! We encourage you to enhance your fitness experience by creating a network of friends and family members who support you and whom you support! Champions can bring a guest with them to every session. A person is considered a Guest of the Club 1 time in a period of 3 months, and may take advantage of discounts or bonus additions to their own Results Programs when they become Champions.

The Club Enhancement Fee is an investment by all members of every Club to help maintain the gym equipment and infrastructure. This is a once-per-year occurrence that is agreed-to on and determined by your agreement at the time you become an NC Fitness Club Champion. The 2018 CEF investment made is possible for NC Fitness Club to undergo a brand-new interior design, install all-new ergonomic flooring and add a new Champion Profile feature that allows clients to log in online and view their schedules and progress in real-time.

Be sure to set a confirmed appointment with a Trainer or Staff member in advance of your arrival. NC Fitness Club Staff tend to be active in the community when our training schedules have gaps, and may use those gaps to set up marketing tables at local stores, manage charity events and blood drives throughout the city or volunteering in one of NC Fitness Club’s sister sports leagues. The best way to ensure your needs are met is to block out a time with a staff member and confirm your appointment so that you can get the best possible service.

NC Fitness Club permits Champions to work out with a trainer inside the club only. There may be special events or classes which can carry Champions outdoors or onto off-site locations (i.e. parks, courts, fields or trails), in which case a release of liability must be completed by the Champion in order for them to participate in said event. Champions also MUST check-in to all sessions and services at the club.

Establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a commitment. NC Fitness Club staff are your built-in support system when you decide to become a Champion. The Club and our Apps become your tools for success, while your trainer becomes your advocate and your accountability partner, whose only mission is to see you reach your goals safely. Once you initiate a membership/ agreement with NC Fitness Club, there is a grace period of 3 business days within which you may change your mind and notify ABC Financial of this change. Once your 3-Day Buyer’s Right has expired, your agreement becomes legally binding. Please refer to your agreement to understand the terms of your contract.

ABC Financial is the third-party billing company through which all agreements and payments are processed and managed.

We are interested in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals in the most approachable and cost-effective way. Using a third-party payment processing company like ABC Financial allows NC Fitness Club to offer the lowest cost-per-session to Champions without risking their private information or losing track of important account information.

The best way to avoid these charges is to have your payments draft directly from your Checking account. This is the safest option for clients to avoid the consequences of theft or expired credit/ debit cards. If you do have a credit card on file, make sure your update it before it becomes expired and causes you to miss a payment.

A typical Results Program at NC Fitness Club has a set initial term which will expire on a set date before the agreement automatically renews to an open-ended agreement that may then be cancelled at any time when a 30-day notice is provided by the Champion. For example, a Champion may enter into a Personal Training agreement for an initial term of 6 Months. If the Term begins in January and expires in June, the membership automatically renews and the Champions will still have access in July, August, and so on until the Champion gives the Club a 30-Day written notice of cancellation. Please refer to your Agreement for the specific details of your term.

You are welcome in at any time provided that you have an appointment with a staff member. Champions are also free to try each of our classes once for their first time. Please refer to the latest Class Schedule for class times and locations.

Please note that the terms of your agreement may be changed only by a writing signed by you (the Client) and a member of the NC Fitness Club management staff. No oral changes or waivers to a written agreement or membership will be permitted.

Review the status of your agreement by calling 1-888-827-9262 scheduling an appointment to come into the club and speak with a Manager. For all open-ended, month-to-month agreements, cancellations are processed 30 days after the Champion has mailed in a certified written letter to ABC Financial Services, Inc.. The letter will be postmarked for the date it was sent, and processed according to that date. For questions and full details of the cancellation process, please contact ABC Financial at 1-888-827-9262.

Communication is key when it comes to making sure you get the best possible results in all aspects of your time with NC Fitness Club. Be sure to let us know when you get a new credit or debit card, or if you need to update your billing options. If you are behind on your payments and have not yet contacted your trainer or the Billing departments, be sure to do so as soon as possible. NC Fitness Club staff will work with you to resolve account/ processing issues without putting a pause on your services. It is best that you take initiative when it comes to situations like these in order to avoid accruing late fees or being sent to a credit reporting / debt collection agency.*

You can download a redacted copy of your original agreement by logging into you Club-OS profile and viewing the documents located under the Fitness Profile tab. You may also call ABC Financial to have a copy of your agreement faxed or emailed to you upon request.